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Citrus County Schools Ipad Agreement

Citrus County Schools iPad Agreement: A Comprehensive Guide

Citrus County Schools have recently introduced a new initiative that will provide iPads to students and teachers for educational purposes. This program aims to enhance the learning experience of students and promote digital literacy among them. However, to ensure the proper use and security of these devices, the school board has announced an iPad agreement that must be followed by all participants. In this article, we will discuss the details of the Citrus County Schools iPad agreement.

What is the Citrus County Schools iPad Agreement?

The Citrus County Schools iPad agreement is a set of rules and regulations that every student and staff member must follow while using the provided iPads. These guidelines cover various aspects of iPad usage such as device security, acceptable use, and responsible behavior. The agreement is mandatory for every participant in the program and must be signed before accessing the device.

Device Security

The security of the provided iPads is of utmost importance to the school board. As a result, the agreement outlines several security measures that must be taken by students and staff members. These measures include keeping the device password-protected, avoiding the installation of unauthorized applications, and reporting any lost or stolen devices immediately.

Acceptable Use

The Citrus County Schools iPad agreement also outlines the acceptable use of the provided devices. Students are expected to follow the school`s acceptable use policy while using the iPad. This includes refraining from accessing inappropriate content, engaging in cyberbullying or harassment, and using the device for non-educational purposes during class hours.

Responsible Behavior

The school board expects students and staff members to exhibit responsible behavior while using the provided iPads. This includes taking care of the device, avoiding sharing the device with others, and reporting any issues or concerns related to the device immediately. Additionally, students are expected to use the device in a manner that promotes a positive and productive learning environment.

Consequences of Violating the Agreement

The Citrus County Schools iPad agreement emphasizes the consequences of violating the agreement. Any violation of the agreement may result in the confiscation of the device, disciplinary action, and possible legal consequences. Additionally, the school board reserves the right to monitor the usage of the provided devices to ensure compliance with the agreement.


The Citrus County Schools iPad agreement is an essential component of the new initiative to provide students and staff members with iPads. This agreement outlines the rules and regulations related to device security, acceptable use, and responsible behavior. By following the agreement, students can enhance their learning experience with the provided devices and promote digital literacy. It is important for all participants in the program to understand and follow the agreement to ensure the success of the initiative.

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